Behind the Brand

EVE MILAN New York is a skin care company founded by Eden Gilliam an Esthetician with 11 years experience in the skin care industry. After working hands on with thousands of people she gained first hand insight on the day to day struggles people have with their skin. Most clients just masked there issues and insecurities with makeup and felt hopeless in achieving their skincare goals due to lack of understanding and knowledge of quality products. From her interactions with clients she coined the phrase:

“Wear make up because you want to, not because you have to”®

which became the driving force behind her treatments and her motivation to get clients to be comfortable in their own skin. Wanting to go deeper into her field she traveled abroad to London and studied skin nutrition and how internal factors and diet affect skin health so she can give her clients a more holistic approach to achieving their goals. Understanding how important food ingredients play in skins health lead her to pay more attention to harmful ingredients within the products she used and recommended which was the catalyst behind the birth of EVE MILAN New York a 5-free skincare line designed to restore confidence back into your skin and give it a healthy glow without the use of harsh chemicals. All the products are made free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial color and fragrance to limit your exposure to toxins.