Simplicity Set: “3 Step System”

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Tackle your skincare basics in 3 steps with your not so basic products. Our top selling cleanser NO.103 balances oil production, deeply nourishes the skin all while delivering a deep clean. Our Superfruit Enzyme Pads keep the skin smooth, your pores unclogged and your skin bright allowing our Rest Serum to soak right into the skin with healing ingredients like gotu kola,niacinamide and ceramides provide you with the anti-aging benefits your skin needs in 3 simple yet powerful steps. 

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1. Cleanse the face for 2 mins with Gentle Cleansing Gel. Incorporate the under the chin, neck and chest where makeup or dirt can be hiding to avoid breakouts  

2. Swipe across the face neck and check with our Superfruit Enzyme Pads at night. Allow the solution to penetrate into the skin. Tingling is normal ; Do not rinse.

3. Complete your routine with 5-6 drops of Reset Serum the perfect light hydrator that nourishes the skin and provides anti-aging ingredients. ( If you see a white foamy look on the face you used to much ; Do not rinse )