Balancing Trio: Combination Skin

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This set takes care of steps 1,2& 3 of your routine focusing on proper cleansing for oil control and moisture balance along with gentle exfoliation. This set will leave your skin clean, bright and smooth. 

Skin/Lifestyle Type 

  • Perfect for someone who needs to balance and oil T-zone but still maintain moisture throughout the rest of the face. 
  • Some one looking for a simple starter routine to deep clean and brighten without taking up too much time or involving to many steps. 
  • Combination skin ( dry & oily areas )
  • Normal skin 


1. Wash the face neck and chest with Gentle Cleansing Gel NO 103 for 60-90 secs along the cleanser time to work on the skin. ( Morning & Night )

2. Apply Brightening Vitamin C Toner NO 215 to a cotton pad and gently swipe the face, neck and chest avoiding the eye area. ( Morning & Night ) 

3. Follow up with the Brightening Vitamin C pads on alternate nights , you do not have to rinse. ( Alternate Nights )